Rest Your Head on the Wind
Tales of Trials, Transformation and the Open Road

Susan Raby-Dunne

Susan Raby-Dunne is an historian, writer, composer, producer and  veteran advocate who lives on a farm with her family in the Alberta foothills. After an early career in the 'oil patch' ended with downsizing in the mid-80s, Raby-Dunne has devoted herself to raising her son and followed her true passions, from producing film and video, to screenwriting, writing prose and music. Susan draws on a varied well of experience and knowledge that encompasses extensive travel, her youth as a runaway and her knowledge of military history, especially World War One for her projects.

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Rest Your Head on the Wind is a woman’s story about a passion for motorcycles, travel, self-discovery, veteran advocacy, war healing and transformation.
Both an explorer of the open road and a spiritual adventurer, Susan Raby-Dunne has lived life-by-motorcycle for over thirty years. Join her on an eclectic journey of the soul and the saddle from the highways of Canada to America and Europe.

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